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myFLIGHTDATA System Services

The most critical items that the operator must manage in order to maintain safety are legal pilots and legal aircraft. Due to numerous regulations this is no easy task for small or large companies. myFLIGHTDATA.com™ is a tool that you can use to help accomplish these tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Your Pilots
  1. Track your crewmembers completed flight and duty hours.
  2. Flight and Duty time legality checks are completed before pilots are dispatched.
  3. FAA legal reports are available for your recordkeeping requirements.
  4. Receive alerts to prevent FAA violations
  5. Flight crew safety begins with effective training. Pilot training records can be recorded into the myFLIGHTDATA.com™ system for 14 CFR Part 135 pilot training records requirements and for alerts when coming due.
  6. Pilots are provided with personal electronic logbooks and flight activity reports.
Your Aircraft
  1. The maintenance department can enter inspection items that are upcoming so as to prevent inspections from being overflown.
  2. Receive alerts when aircraft inspections are approaching due time.
  3. Aircraft Total Times automatically updated as the aircraft is flown.
  4. Locations of your aircraft via online map.
  5. Flight locating services

For more detailed information see the System Description page.

myFLIGHTDATA System Costs
Part 135 and Part 91K (Fractional) Operator Accounts


One-time Registration Fee: $149.99 for the first 5 aircraft signed up, then an additional $150 for every 5 aircraft thereafter.

Monthly usage fee: 1st aircraft: $59.99/month, each additional aircraft: $29.99/month.

Each operator account allows unlimited use of the system, and free pilot logbook accounts. Limitations apply, for operators with more than 5 aircraft please call 561-373-5962.

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Pilot Logbook Account

$159.99/year for the 1st aircraft, then $14.99 for each additional aircraft added to pilot's logbook account.

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Maintenance Tracking Account

$159.99/year for the 1st aircraft, then $14.99 for each additional aircraft added to the aircraft maintenance tracking account.

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NOTE: Prices subject to change without prior notice.


The system is based on use, and billed 1 month in advance, no refunds are currently available. Upon receipt of cancellation notice partial month not used will be calculated and refunded upon request.


Canceling/Closing Your Account

To change your account simply send an email with the requested changes. If you would like to close your account fill out the Closing/Canceling Account Form.

Important: Please read the Terms of Use Policy for more information and user agreements.

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