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Part 135 Operators

The most critical items that the operator must manage in order to maintain safety are legal pilots and legal aircraft. Due to numerous regulations this is no easy task for a Part 135 aircraft operator. myFLIGHTDATA™ is a tool that you can use to help accomplish these tasks more effectively and efficiently.

myFLIGHTDATA™ provides the tools you need to economically keep track of your crew and aircraft. If you are a part 135 operator, and if any of the following capabilities would make your business more profitable, allow you to operate at a lower cost, or simply facilitate a more seamless, worry-free operation of your aircraft, then this system is for you.

Increase Efficiency, Reliability, and Accuracy of your Flight Department and Records!

Your Pilots
  • Easily manage your crewmembers' qualifications
  • Flight and duty time legality checks are completed before pilots are dispatched
  • FAA legal reports are available for your record keeping requirements
  • Receive alerts to prevent FAA violations
  • Flight crew safety begins with effective training. Pilot training records can be recorded into the myFLIGHTDATA™ system for 14 CFR Part 135 pilot training records requirements and for alerts before coming due
  • Pilots are provided with personal electronic logbooks and flight activity reports
Your Aircraft
  • The maintenance department can enter inspection items that are upcoming so as to prevent inspections from being over flown
  • Receive alerts when aircraft inspections are approaching due time
  • Aircraft total times automatically update as the aircraft is flown
  • Locations of your aircraft via online map
  • Flight locating services

Automated Record Keeping

At myFLIGHTDATA™ you can keep track of your flight activity automatically each time you fly. After each IFR flight, or series of flights, the information is automatically saved. Simply log in and accept or edit the flight leg history and the data populates each pilot’s logbook, flight and duty time reports, and updates the aircraft total time as well.

Monitor Pilot Flight and Duty Times

Flight and duty reporting couldn't get much easier. In most cases your flight crews complete the data entry while they fly. Reports are automatically created, all you have to do is edit or accept the information, print a copy, and insert into the pilot duty records.

Monitor Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance tracking is a breeze using the myFLIGHTDATA™ system. After the initial setup, simply update after each inspection is completed. You can input unlimited reoccurring and scheduled items for the maintenance tracking of each aircraft. The system will alert the Director of Maintenance (or designated person) when an item is coming due. The reports can be printed and placed in each aircraft so that the pilots can reference the information as necessary for the upcoming scheduled flights.

Once you have updated the aircraft maintenance items you wish to monitor, you will receive alerts before items come due. Not only that, each time a flight plan is filed with the FAA the myFLIGHTDATA™ system will check the items to make sure that the flight can be completed before any items come due! If the flight plan (ETE) will take any of the monitored maintenance items over the limit an immediate alert is sent out to your cell phone or email.

Logging Flights

There are 4 methods for recording flight data...

... logging into the pilot's log book account

Each pilot gets an individual log book account. After signing into the account flight time time can be entered. That information populates the pilots logbook, as well as the operators flight activity reports.

... logging into the owner/operator account

Logging into the operator's account will allow adding and editing all flight activity. Flights can be entered manually like the pilot account, or imported as described below. You can also edit or delete flight history.

... logging into the owner/operator account and auto importing

The operator account also has the ability to import flight history. After logging in you can simply select the "Import Flights" option. The system looks up your flight history and compares to the logged flights. If the imported flights are not logged, they are displayed so that you can select, edit, and import them.

... from your cell phone, or PDA

When a pilot is assigned to a flight, a message is sent to your cell phone or PDA asking if you would like to log the flight. Example "welcome to Miami, respond with Y to log flight."

This option will log that flight into the pilot's logbook automatically. You can edit the flight leg if desired, and add currency requirements such as instrument time, holding, and notes.

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