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System Description and Features

myFLIGHTDATA™ was designed to increase efficiency and accuracy by automating Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required paperwork and flight following requirements. By using the system you improve flight following capabilities, and facilitate compliance with 14 CFR Parts 91 and 135. Either the pilots or the operators can keep your records up to date with minimal effort.

myFLIGHTDATA™ records your flight activity automatically each time you fly. After a flight, or series of flights, the information is automatically saved in your flight history records. Simply log in and accept or edit the flight leg history and the data populates each pilot’s logbook, flight and duty time reports, and updates the aircraft maintenance status as well.

Pilots can automatically import each flight leg when they land. This saves the time required to log in and manually enter the flight into the system, and populates the aircraft records as well.



Automated Flight Records

Flight records include pilot logbooks and all operating forms required to operate under Part 91 and Part 135. Basically you have 2 choices to comply with the Federal Aviation Regulation recrods requirements, fill out hard copy forms (click to see sample (FAA Flight and Duty form), or you can use computer software.

myFLIGHTDATA has electronic pilot logbooks, aircraft flight activity, pilot qualification reports, and flight and duty time reports that can be retrieved and printed anytime. Operator account sign ups receive a 3 ring tabbed binder for each pilot and each aircraft. Simply click on the report named in the tab, select the date range, and print.

It is recommended that you import and print your reports on a weekly basis, however the frequency depends on the amount of flying you do. (And how often the FAA visits).

Records are maintained in the system for at least the amount of time required by the FAA. There are variations of that time. For example the flight and duty time reports are required to be retrievable for a one year period, however those reports will remain in the system as part of the pilot's employment history records which is a longer period. We recommend that you routinely download, save, and print hard copies of all required FAA reports.

Completing The Reports

Reports should be reviewed as often as necessary to make sure that the pilot and aircraft regulatory (flight and duty) requirements are not exceeded. Each operator is different, the more you fly the more often you should print and review the flight activity reports. At a minimum reports should be printed once a month just in case your friendly FAA inspector happens to stop by.

NOTE: Flight history is only maintained as long as it is required to be available for 14 CFR Part 135. Records beyond that are permanently discarded from our system so if you keep your records longer you should maintain hard copies.



Customizing the Forms

Their several reports and forms that are available, and the number is growing based on customer requests. Currently the reports that are available in the system are those that are required by 14 CFR Part 135. The reports have a default design incorporated that will place your company name in the header automatically. You can also designate custom revision and/or form title information in the footer. Each time you print the form will have your custom information. If you would like to use your own logo you can simply upload it from the account management and operator profile page.



Flight Following

Online Map

Track flights using online maps. Simply sign into your account and select "View" under the VIEW MAPS column of your aircraft.

Flight Following Alerts

Monitor your aircraft flight activities from filing to landing using your cell phone. Enter anyone's email, cell phone, or PDA into your account and they can receive alerts for:

  • IFR flight plan filed
  • Return to gate/ramp
  • Take-off
  • Divert
  • Landing
  • Overdue aircraft

You can also simply log in and check the status of the aircraft on the flight map.


Collecting the Flight and Duty Time Data

Duty Time Entry and Reports

Each flight that you automatically log enters a default duty period starting one (1) hour before the take off time and ending one half hour (1/2) after landing. You can change the duty time period by selecting the leg for that flight, and then re-entering the desired times.

To stay in compliance with the FAA duty time requirements it is important that you also log duty periods for other activities such as office, reserve, and on call pilots. The system will then accurately show the pilot's duty reports.

Logging Flight Time

There are 4 methods for recording flight data...

... logging into the pilot's log book account

Each pilot gets an individual log book account. After signing into the account flight time time can be entered. That information populates the pilots logbook, as well as the operators flight activity reports.

... logging into the owner/operator account

Logging into the operator's account will allow adding and editing all flight activity. Flights can be entered manually like the pilot account, or imported as described below. You can also edit or delete flight history.

... logging into the owner/operator account and auto importing

The operator account also has the ability to import flight history. After logging in you can simply select the "Import Flights" option. The system looks up your flight history and compares to the logged flights. If the imported flights are not logged, they are displayed so that you can select, edit, and import them.

... from your cell phone, or PDA

When a pilot is assigned to a flight, a message is sent to your cell phone or PDA asking if you would like to log the flight. Example "welcome to Miami, respond with Y to log flight."

This option will log that flight into the pilot's logbook automatically. You can edit the flight leg if desired, and add currency requirements such as instrument time, holding, and notes.


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