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“Increase Efficiency, Reliability, and Accuracy of your Flight Department and Records”


myFLIGHTDATA™ is the only computer based record keeping system that automates flight data entry. The system allows flight history to automatically generate 14 CFR Part 135 flight and duty time records after each flight. Just file and fly.

With more than 15 years of part 135 air charter, airline, and successful business history, myFLIGHTDATA™ set out for a better solution to part 135 recordkeeping. After 2 years of research and development the groundwork was laid out. Partners Ron Dexheimer and Ray Shinneman put together 3 teams of the best programmers in the computer industry, numerous FAA Principal Operations Inspectors, PMIs, and FSDO Managers, as well as part 135 air charter companies, and the system was built.

Following a year of system development and testing, 3 air charter companies agreed to run the beta system in their operation. This testing, over a 6 month period, was followed by FAA review of the system. Overwhelming approval was received at a west coast FSDO, midwest FSDO, and an east coast FSDO. Introduction to the market began and the system grew, and is still growing. Today myFLIGHTDATA™ not only runs our system, but we also develop customized Part 135 record keeping, flight following, scheduling, and maintenance tracking systems for the aviation industry.


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