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"Automated Pilot and Aircraft Record keeping for Pilot Logbooks, Aircraft Maintenance, Fractional operations, and Part 135 operators"
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Aircraft Owners & Operators

Just file and fly! Your aircraft's records and pilot logbook(s) are updated when you land. Easily manage aircraft maintenance inspections, receive due alerts, utilize flight tracking with online maps, and give those in need of your flight status alerts directly to their cell phone.

Manage Aircraft Maintenance

Your account will allow you to efficiently manage aircraft maintenance. Each aircraft you add allows you to monitor as many maintenance items as desired. You have the option to add alerts and create reports for each maintenance item. Print or email reports anytime needed. After an inspection simply update the "date completed" and your reports are updated.

Pilot Logbooks

Each aircraft operator account receives an unlimited number of pilot logbook accounts. Pilot logbook accounts have a separate log in and password from the operator account. The pilots can record flights from their cell phone upon a landing text message. Aircraft records are automatically updated each leg.

Manage Pilot Currency Requirements

Pilots can manage flight currency, flight review, training, and more. After set up, operators and pilots have the ability to receive alerts for items coming due. You can also print reports for your records as needed.

Maintaining Flight Records

There are 4 methods for recording flight data...

... logging into the pilot's log book account

Each pilot gets an individual log book account. After signing into the account flight time time can be entered. That information populates the pilots logbook, as well as the operators flight activity reports.

... logging into the owner/operator account

Logging into the operator's account will allow adding and editing all flight activity. Flights can be entered manually like the pilot account, or imported as described below. You can also edit or delete flight history.

... logging into the owner/operator account and auto importing

The operator account also has the ability to import flight history. After logging in you can simply select the "Import Flights" option. The system looks up your flight history and compares to the logged flights. If the imported flights are not logged, they are displayed so that you can select, edit, and import them.

... from your cell phone, or PDA

When a pilot is assigned to a flight, a message is sent to your cell phone or PDA asking if you would like to log the flight. Example "welcome to Miami, respond with Y to log flight."

This option will log that flight into the pilot's logbook automatically. You can edit the flight leg if desired, and add currency requirements such as instrument time, holding, and notes.

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